Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Sometimes I wonder if one day I will just wake up and I will find myself still in Argentina and realize the past five years were all a dream. I used to have dreams on the mission about being married to Glen. That is what scared him into not writing me for a few months. I don't mean to say that the past five years have been perfect or that I have not had pain, depression or any kind of unpleasantness. What I would like to convey is that I made a plan for myself when I was in Argentina. I had a companion who asked me what I thought I would be doing five years after the mission. We also talked about ten years, fifteen and so on. With very few exceptions, I am doing exactly what I thought I would. I told her I would be married to Glen and he would either be a teacher or a student. We would have two kids and I would be home with them.

I would never say I have the perfect life or even the best life. But I cannot deny that I have the perfect life for me at this time in my mortality. My husband is caring and smart. He takes care of me. He pursues his dreams and won't take anything less than what he has planned for himself (kinda like me). We are both happy to take a better alternative we had not previously imagined, but never anything less. For example, Glen did not think he would be married in less than two years after the mission, but it was a better plan he was not aware existed. Right, honey?

When Glen and I met in middle school, I never thought I would marry him. Not to mention the day he threw pine cones at me after play practice and I was sure we would never be friends again. I always thought I would only love some blonde surfer guy. Gross. Not for me. Heavenly Father knew what I needed. I needed someone who would counter my obstinance with patience and forgieness. Someone who would never raise his voice to me (I melt into a puddle of tears when people yell at me. Even when there isn't really any yelling, but just "getting after" going on. It's true. Ask my parents. It's pretty sad.)

In conclusion, Glen celebrated his 27th birthday so he will be the same age as me for a few months. That always makes me feel less old. Then I turn 28 and feel old again... I am so grateful for his mother for bringing him into this world. I only wish I could meet her and hug her and tell her so in this life. I am grateful for his sweet father and sisters for helping him become who he is. And I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father for bringing him into my life over 15 years ago. I love you, Honey! Happy Birthday!

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