Monday, October 22, 2012

Conversations with George M

While going potty (standing up, this helps it make more sense...):
George: Peepee this way, peepee that way. Oh, it's bigger! (the peepee stream) Bubbles! I make bubbles! (boys!)

Mom: George, let's go!
George: Okay, Mommy! Let's go! We go play with da kids?
Mom: No, it's time for a nap.
George: (dejected) Ohhhhh... I wanna go to da store!
Mom: Nope, it's nap time!
George: Take pants off!
Mom: Wait and take them off in your room.
George: Ohhhhhh-kaaaay

Daddy: K, George, give me a hug and a kiss!
G: No, no go!
Daddy: Come on, George!
G: I wanna go in da car!
Mommy: You can't go in the car, you're not wearing any clothes (he took them off as soon as he woke up)
G: I want clothes!
Mommy: Daddy's leaving, give him a hug and a kiss.
G: Ohhhhhhh-kaaaaay

Mommy: George, get off your brother!
G: I wuves baby bruver!
Mommy: I know you love him but you can't strangle him! He's just a baby!
G: No a baby! Baby bruver!
Mommy: Yes, he IS your baby brother but he is little and you need to be soft and nice. Say sorry and give him a kiss.
G: Okay, Mommy. Sah-wey (Sorry) baby bruver, give you a kiss! *kiss*

I love this boy more and more every day. Today he was getting on my nerves just a bit but I could tell he was really bored and just wanted to play. Unfortunately, I can't play much during work hours. He kept asking me to dance with him. I did once but not as much as I should have. He's so dang smart and extra special polite. I taught him to say, "Okay, Mommy" whenever I ask him to do something or tell him something. I remember my mom always telling me, "Just say okay!" because I always had something else to say. I would always talk back. I am trying to get him to get used to just saying, "okay". Hence it being one of his favorite words!

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Kristin said...

Kids at this age say the funniest thing. More blog material than you'll know what to do with!