Friday, October 5, 2012

The Zoo!

My little sister is in town so I took the day off and we headed to the zoo! There were six kids, ages three and under. It was so fun! I love that George and Ollie have cousins so close to them in age. My sister Jaylyn brought her three kids and my little sister Caitie brought her little girl. Jaylyn has twins that will be four in January and they love George and vice versa. It is so fun to watch them play. At one point, George and Addylyn were holding hands and singing the alphabet song as they walked along. It was so cute!
Stopping for lunch... at 10:30... Lightweights!
We stopped to see the stingrays. George would not touch them but he thought they were cool. 
This is a picture I got after I told George not to turn around and smile. Kids are too easy!
George's favorite animal was the giraffe. It is all he can talk about. If anyone asks what he saw at the zoo, he will always mention the giraffe. He had show and tell yesterday at preschool and told all the kids about it. One kid said, "Oh, the virgaffe!" and George said, "No, giraffe!" and they went back and forth a few times before the teacher intervened and really made that little boy mad!

Mommy's favorite animals were the monkeys, of course! They have a monkey village and it's a huge cage where you can walk in and the monkeys are swinging through the trees all around you. It was so awesome! And Glen was able to join us after his class ended. ASU is just ten minutes from the zoo!
They also have a splashpad which was a must do because it was 104 degrees. IN OCTOBER!

We had a great time! Thanks, Grandma Robin!

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Bobbi said...

Looks so fun! Love the snapshot of George turning around. Little cutie!