Friday, October 26, 2012

My Baby: Six Months!

Oliver was six months last Friday but we didn't have an appointment with the doctor until Wednesday. Here are his measurements:

Weight: 16 pounds 5 ounces (25th %-ile)
Length: 27 inches (50th %-ile)
Head circ: 17.5 inches (89th %-ile)

I don't know where our boys get their big heads... Oliver is so dang cute! I can't stand it sometimes. He has the sweetest smile and the calmest disposition. He has no teeth yet but he has tried a few different solids. He has tried green beans, sweet potatoes, peaches and grapes. His favorite are frozen grapes in his little mesh feeder. He also really likes peaches but he will still eat the veggies when offered. I add a little oatmeal to the green beans to make them a little more palatable.

He is not trying to crawl at all! He is content to just lay or sit on the floor. He can pull himself up but he doesn't do it unless we tell him to. It's pretty cute because he gets a big smile on his face knowing how much we like it.

He wakes up twice each night; once around eleven/midnight and again around 4/5 am. He goes to bed at the same time as George around 8 after a bath and story time. I love seeing these little boys in the bath together! He sleeps until 8 am usually. He adores George and will also smile when he talks to him. I always tell George that Ollie is his best friend. George has adjusted really well to being a big brother. He loves it! 

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