Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Mine

Valentines Day was really fun! George is in preschool so he got to have a party and we made some fun valentines. He got home with lots of candy and wouldn't stop eating it long enough for me to hide it. He had opened two suckers and sucked on them a couple of times before putting them back in the bag to open something else. He ate maybe five pieces of candy before I snuck it all away and hid it.

The two of us also had a wonderful day! It started with a yummy breakfast of eggs and potatoes before Glen had to leave for his one hour of work at Legacy. Then he came home with beautiful flowers. I sent him on a scavenger hunt. Part of it was sending him to the church for an hour or two to practice the organ, which is one of his favorite pass-times (who likes practicing? I mean really?). Then he came home with a delicious lunch from Firehouse subs! I just ended a Biggest Loser competition the day before so it was no holds barred. Then Glen continued his scavenger hunt which took us all to Kohl's to pick out a new outfit for him since most of his work pants have holes. We only had a hour since I was on my lunch break so we hurried home and put the boys down for naps. We left the house all dolled up around 3:30 and dropped the boys at my friend's house while we went to an early dinner at PF Chang's. I bought a $50 giftcard form my neighbor at a discount so we bought everything on the menu, just about. It was early in the afternoon so the place was full of blue-hairs taking pictures of the Chinese mural on the wall. There was also an interesting lady dressed in a Chinese outfit. She was most definitely not Chinese so we think maybe she just likes to really get into the spirit of things or she thought maybe she would get a discount. But it was oh so delicious! We got home about 6 pm and fed the kids and put them to bed. Nothing like quiet time for a few hours before bed. I love my valentine so much! We take care of each other all year-round but it's nice to set a little money aside for fun times and special occasions, even if it is just a commercial holiday.

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!

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Cindy said...

I LOVE that valentine! I bought the lame-o ones from the store that I hate, but it never crossed my mind to do something creative. Maybe next year..