Thursday, April 4, 2013

George is Three!

My little George McKean is three years old! He turned 3 on April Fool's Day. We didn't play any pranks on him but next year will be awesome. I want to make sure he understands that it's just part of the day. We had our friends Bryce and Jessica Mortimer staying at our house and they spoiled us rotten for George's birthday! First they took him to the nursery and let him pick out a plant for his birthday. He picked a tomato plant. Jessica said he kept picking the saddest and closest to death so she had to keep diverting his attention to the healthy plants. Then we all went to Golfland and played a couple rounds of golf. There is a volcano in the middle of the course that unexpectedly shoots fire out of the top. This was scary for both George and Bryce. It took George a while before he could golf confidently again. Then we all went to Organ Stop Pizza. We love this place! You pretty much are eating your dinner inside of an organ. The organ stops control a myriad of instruments placed all around the walls. We didn't get any pictures of any of these activities... I forgot my camera and Bryce's iphone was dead. But I think he did get a couple of pictures of George chowing down on the ice cream he got after dinner. It was such a fun day and we owe it all to the Mortimers! Thank you!

We will be celebrating his birthday with friends next week. We are combining both Ollie and George's birthday celebrations since Ollie's birthday is less than a week after the day we could have George's party. I can't wait!

George is loving preschool and learning so much! He is a lover of stories and songs and really enjoys his bedtime routine. He loves trains and, thanks to his older cousins, has a million little cars. For the most part he is really good with Ollie and takes care of him. He is constantly telling Glen to put two hands on the wheel when driving and he has a memory like an elephant! We love you George!

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