Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Valentines

So, last year on Valentines, these beauties showed up at the office with an amazing note from Glen. We weren't able to be together because I had to work in Murray and he was in Cedar City. I'd like to think I could get something like this this year but it is no longer his money, it's ours and I don't want to spend money on flowers for myself... Everyone at the office was pretty dang jealous. Thanks Sweetheart! Happy early Valentines Day!

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Kiri said...

I had forgotten that you guys weren't able to be together then. That sucks. And it waaaay sucks to have to share money. I mean...not that I'm earning any right now but... Hmmm...and not that it sucks to share money at all because it's cool sharing sucks that if something doesn't fit in your budget then it doesn't fit in your budget. That's what sucks. Anyway, it so cool that you got to be the chick everyone hated! And I can say that and be genuine about it because I wasn't there so I didn't hate you.