Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Friday night we had friends over and watched a movie and then after they left, we stayed up late talking about our mission experiences. It was awesome. Then Saturday morning we slept in, laid around awhile, and then Glen went to get breakfast for us. He brought back more than just breakfast. He brought me beautiful tulips! We exchanged sappy Valentines Day cards and then we watched Return to Me (the best romantic comedy ever) while we ate. After the movie, we got dressed and headed to St. George. Who knew everyone else had the same idea. We went to the temple and noticed a few people decided to get married that day. Personally, I think when you have two important things happening on one day, you lose the significance of the less important day. For instance, Valentine's Day won't really matter to these people anymore because it has become their anniversary. They get one special day for the price of two. It's just too bad. Anyway, we were too late for the next session so we did sealings. It was wonderful to be able to be reminded of the words of the temple sealing. It was a great experience. Then we decided to head over to the St. George tabernacle since neither of us had been there before. No one else was there except the missionary couple who gives the tours. Sister John asked us if we wanted a tour and we gladly accepted. It was a magnificent building full of history, but the best part about the tour was that I told Sister John at the end that Glen is an organist and she insisted he play something. As soon as he started playing, Elder John walked closer to the organ and took a seat in the audience. When Glen finished, Elder John requested an encore. He wouldn't let us leave without it, so Glen obliged. A new group of people entered and Elder John started another tour. Sister John took Glen's name and number so that she could find out if it would be okay for Glen to do his senior recital at the tabernacle. As we were walking out the door and down the stair, Elder John came running after us and said, "Thank you for coming. Thank you, thank you." I was touched.... even though I had nothing to do with anything. 
By then we were hungry and looking forward to Olive Garden since we miss italian food. We got there and there were about 20 people waiting outside. Glen went to see how long the wait was and they said close to two hours. Ridiculous! So we headed down the road and everywhere was the same. We decided on Chuck a Rama since you don't have to wait for a waiter or your food. It was a good choice. We were in and out in less than 45 minutes. We came home and Glen graciously let me take a nap while he took care of a few things on the computer. Afterward, we went to the grocery store(very exciting, I know) but then we snuggled on the couch and watched The Mummy Returns (another one of MY favorites, he's so good to me). Glen was suffering from a minor cold the whole day so he couldn't keep his eyes open. I told him we had to go to bed about 20 minutes into the movie. But he made a good effort. All in all it was the best Valentines Day ever! (although the day my step-dad adopted us is a close second, well, I guess that is just it's own really special Valentines Day.) I am so grateful to a wonderful husband that made sure the day was special for me. He really didn't care about how special it was for him, but I think the whole tabernacle experience was pretty good. I love you dearly Glen! 

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Kiri said...

The night before Valentine’s Day me and Frankie stayed up late playing WoW. He let me sleep in and took care of the babies himself. When I got up, we played some WoW. We exchanged linen cloth and green items. Later, he went out to get me a Dr Pepper. He brought me back more than just a Dr Pepper. He brought me back Arby’s, too. We thought about how because we were married in an August, it meant it was always about half a year away from our anniversary on Valentines day, and how much more awesome it makes us than anyone who was married in any other month. It’s just too bad. We watched some Doogie Howser and other stuff on the TV and played with the babies. Everyone was impressed with his leet skills as a deathknight. I was proud. Frankie had been tired all day since he was up with the babies, but I made him stay up even later and watch stuff and play with me. It was the best Valentine’s Day EVER.