Thursday, May 14, 2009


Disneyland was a blast! Unfortunately, I still haven't made a cd of the pictures of the trip but I stole a picture from my mom. Everyone was there, with the exception of 3 of my brothers so not everyone per se. Anywho, it was so much fun to ride all the rides with my big doofus brothers. We had to do something planned for every ride that took your picture. The best being the serious face on the Tower of Terror (hopefully I can post a picture of it soon). We ate lots of food which may be the reason I look pregnant in this picture, but oh well. Caitie, Nate, Glen and I bought five day passes so we left Arizona earlier than the rest and spent the afternoon in the parks. Then everyone joined us the next three days. It was very tiring. We ended up not using the last day of our passes and Nate went early the last day we were in Cali to sell the tickets to anyone that needed a one day hopper pass. I was surprised at how much he could sell them for. Anyway, it was a good family vacation and was almost as good as Mexico would have been. Maybe next year.

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