Saturday, May 2, 2009

It will have to do...

Apparently going to Mexico is a bad idea at this point. Which is silly since the swine flu is no more dangerous than the regular flu. The only reason it is "scarier" is because since it is a new strain our immune systems have nothing built up to combat it so we are more likely to contract it but no one is dying as long as they take medication as soon as the symptoms arise. PS. If you think you have the flu, don't go to the ER or the clinic. You will just be spreading the virus. Just call your doctor and he can prescribe Tamiflu. Anywho, this is not the point of this post. The point is, we are no longer going to Mexico. We quickly had to change plans earlier this week and we are all now going to Disneyland! The whole famn damily minus Brandon, oh, and Keaton and Kody, but they rarely go on family vacations. Glen and I are leaving today for Arizona. Tomorrow the twins are getting blessed so we are excited to be there for that. Also, Dayton's birthday was on April 28 and Taylor's is May 17 so we will be celebrating their birthdays as well. Glen and I also plan to look for a house while we are down there. There are some amazing deals on homes down there not to mention the $8000 tax credit for first time buyers. Again, not the point. The real point is that we are going to Disneyland! For three whole days! That is the perfect amount of time. By the time you get to the third day you are so tired but you want to get each ride in one more time and lucky for us our last day the park is open from 8-midnight so we should be able to get everything in one last time. I can't wait! We haven't been to Disneyland since December 2007. We did go to Disneyworld on our honeymoon but it's not even close to being the same. The feeling there is completely different. Everyone I talk to that loves Disneyland, agrees that there is this feeling there that just makes you happy as soon as you walk into the park. Unfortunately the same feeling is not present at California Adventure but it is still fun to go there. So, in short, Disneyland is the best and we will be there shortly!

This picture is from our last trip to Disneyland. We were dating. We were on a roadtrip up the coast of California so we only had time for one day and it wasn't enough. But it wasn't too bad since no one else was in the park.

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good luck finding a home :)