Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Success

The anniversary weekend was awesome! We did everything I said in the last post but we also went to the Coca-Cola store and tried flavors of drinks from 16 different countries. Word to the wise, if you ever do that, obviously you have to try them all, but just take a tiny sip of the one called Beverly from Italy. It is ghastly. The Smart Watermelon from Japan (or China or something) was really good as was the Kiwi Mango from Africa. Any who, the show was amazing, of course, and the food was to die for. Glen got me two really nice hardback books. One is the complete works of Lewis Carrol and Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. I got Glen this paper thingy that got shows the Hicks family crest and tells the history of the name. We are going to frame it and pit pictures of Glen's ancestors in the frame as well. I'm excited. We got home Sunday afternoon and Caitie and her husband, Nate, came to bring Charlie home. They stayed the night and then we all went hiking up to Kanarraville Falls on Monday. I don't have pictures yet, but I will soon. It was a blast! We didn't take Charlie this time, I was sad about that. But we had fun anyway. Last night we watched our wedding video and ate our wedding cake. I must say, for year-old cake it was pretty good. The frosting was gross but the actual cake was edible. Today we started our summer courses. I also started swimming laps before class. I have to do it before class because after class I work until 6:30 and by then the pool is closed. So, the days are full again but this time I only have one course! Yay! Glen has 13 credits but they are all online. Hopefully he will be able to find a summer job in the meantime. Go Summer!

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