Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Allen Family Reunion

This past weekend we headed down to Arizona for the Allen Family Reunion. We first drove to Mesa (7.5 hours) and then met up with my parents and drove the rest of the way to Willcox/Cochise (3+ hours). It was a long day! We got to my Uncle's home in Cochise and had a bonfire and received our Indian or Native American names. My grandpa gives them out to everyone in the family and there is a whole ton of us. The next day we all donned matching red shirts and went to many different places. First we had breakfast, delicious, and then we headed to Apple Annie's which is an orchard and garden where you can pick your own produce. They also have peach cobbler ice cream, homemade pies, fudge, kettle corn and applewood smoked hamburgers. We didn't want to wait in a long line for hamburgers so we had apple strudel and apple flavored licorice for lunch. Mmmm... nutritious. Then my family, being the party poopers, headed back to the hotel for a nap. Boy was I glad! Then we went back to my uncle's house were everyone regrouped and headed out for the family history sites. We saw an old mine where my Great-great grandpa was in charged and we visited a ghost town. We also went to the Cochise Stronghold which is where Cochise, an old indian chief lived and was buried. Then we had an amazing chuck wagon BBQ pork and beef dinner with homemade BBQ sauce and coleslaw. I brought my camera but never took it out of my bag. My mom took pictures as did my Granddad. So I will post at least one picture. Sunday we went to church at the local branch. My dad and uncles sang and there were some interesting happenings there. We had to pack up before church and check out because the hotel was about 30 miles from church and the other direction from home. Unfortunately, we ended up having to go back to the hotel since I forgot to pack all of my clothes. I blame the congestion and the fetus that is sucking all brain power. Then it was time to come home. Luckily we broke up the trip this time and drove to Mesa on Sunday and drove home on Monday. Much better!

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