Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby bump? 'fraid not.

See that picture of a silhouette of a pregnant lady on the right? I wish that were me. Instead I have baby flab. Oh, and baby thighs and butt. And don't forget the baby double-chin. I know it is early for a full-on bump but still, I am sick of this nasty gut. I can push it out so that it looks more like a baby or beer belly but unfortunately it looks like I am about 7 months pregnant instead so I just try to hide the fat with clothes and pretty much staying indoors most of the day. The good news is that when I suck in there is a little bump that doesn't suck... in. So, I have the beginnings of a bump but I wish it would hurry already. Nausea is gone! For the most part, anyway. Sometimes I will be eating dinner and I have to stop or I will spew but it's not really the same nauseous feeling I used to have. Most people know now but we have grown tired of announcing it so a lot of people are finding out by just listening to conversations we are having with people who already know. This weekend we are off to Provo for a mission reunion and I suppose I should let my mission friends know but, like I said we have grown tired of announcements. One of my companions knows so I will just have to have a revealing conversation with her in front of the other missionaries.
My next appointment is in ten days and I will be at almost 16 weeks. I know people who have found out the sex by then but my doctor tends to leave me in the dark about these things and I haven't asked. I will ask at my next appointment though. Hopefully I won't have to wait until I am 20 weeks. I want to know so we can buy stuff and we are planning a trip to Disneyland before 20 weeks and I would like to get him/her something.
In the meantime, I guess it would be fun to see what other people think. One of these days I will put up a poll.

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