Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dad and his family did their taping yesterday. They lost miserably. Apparently the loss caused an actual feud between my dad and his siblings. He was the leader guy that had to give the answer when the other team got three strikes and they didn't come up with anything so he had to say, "I got nothing!" They said it was the first time a team didn't have anything to say. After they lost, they were ushered off stage but my mom and the rest of the family members in the audience had to stay for three more tapings. They all thought that my dad and his siblings and mom were comfortably snacking in the green room but they were actually all arguing with each other. I love my dad's family! I can just imagine my nana telling her sons how dumb they are. Fantastic! We won't be able to see the show until February. I can't wait!

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Ginger said...

lol gosh that sucks but it actually is quite hilarious