Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter in Pictures

We had great Easter! George is an amazing egg hunter! We had most of the festivities on Saturday. We had a party and egg hunt with my dad's family and then more of the same with my mom's family. Then on Sunday we had a nice dinner at my parents. Poor Glen is surrounded by my relatives here!At the Allen party

First time on a horse

With his beautiful Gramma!

Enjoying not being a part of the egg toss

He spotted this one on his own


He loves his daddy!

We sat at the dessert table. Grandpa's idea

Surprisingly, George found most of the eggs I hid....


Hunt #2

On the hunt. Not a very flattering picture of the mom


Janae said...

I love those pictures you left Chelsea. George is so stinking cute!! I love the one of him on the pony - I'll have to try McKinnley out on one sometime soon. I also love the pic of him on Glen's lap. You had me all confused with all the kids in their swim suits until I realized it's probably a lot warmer in Arizona than it is up here! Look like you had an awesome Easter. :) ¡Via la Che!! Sorry, I had the urge for a random communist shout out...

Janae said...

And for the record, I meant to say ¡Viva el Che!! Wow. Como chupa mi castellano...

John and Lindsay said...

First love the picture of George on Glen's lap chessin it. So cute! Second, you are looking good, whats your secret I need it.