Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prescott, AZ

Glen and I spent less than 36 hours in Prescott, AZ for a weekend getaway without George. Within that time, we were able to do all of the things that are not as fun to do with children. We went to church, out to eat (too many times...), to a museum, to the movies, to many, many antique shops, to a (great) chamber music concert, and stayed in a quaint Bed and Breakfast. We slept until seven! It was so great to just get away for a little and spend time alone together. We have fun no matter where we are but when we make an effort the fun is multiplied exponentially. Even though we both had colds it was a very enjoyable weekend. I'm so blessed to spend eternity with my best friend. He really is the only person on earth that can put up with me for that long.

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